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Take Photos in the Estanque de La Luz

A cozy public water park whose spring water makes for a delightful treat during the hot summer days in Parras. 

The Estanque de la Luz (Pond of Light) is just over half a mile from the Plaza de Armas, and it is without doubt the most photographed place in Parras. (The image of the pond and the Santo Madero chapel in the background is a classic). 

This is a pool of water around 230-foot-long by 230-foot-wide, and about 10 foot deep. It was built in the 19th century and its water originates from a spring.

The story goes that the businessman and politician, Evaristo Madero, grandfather of the president Francisco I. Madero, invited the inventor from the United States, Thomas Alva Edison, to run experiments with the electric lightbulb.

In return, Edison helped Don Evaristo Madero to install a hydroelectric turbine here, presumably fed by water from the pond, which provided Parras with electricity ever since the 19th century.

This story backs up the version of the people of Parras, who say that their town was the first place in Mexico to have electricity.

Today, the Estanque de la Luz is a public pool, which during the summer months is very refreshing. Next to it you will find palm roof gazebos, barbecues, a children’s playpark, and paddling pools. And since it’s so big, they even rent out boats during the holiday seasons. 

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Estanque de la Luz, Eugenio G. Aguirre Benavides, Barrio del Sombreretillo, Parras de la Fuente, Coah., México

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