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Stroll Through the Corredor Artesanal

The colors and shapes of nature are transformed into inspiration for colorful embroideries that speak to men and women’s relationship with their roots and the environment. Artisans dialog with their environment in such a way that allows them to weave jonote into intricate basketry or extract beeswax for making religious images, flowers, and candles to light the religious spaces and honor the saints. Mazatzin, Siuame Chikauka Tajkitinij, Arte en Cera, Maseual Siuat Xochitajkitinij, Siuamej Xonoijkitini, and Xonojkohuixochitl are some of the makers of these crafts that you can find along this handicrafts corridor.





Cuetzalan del Progreso, Puebla, México

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