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Stroll Through the Coffee Plantations at Reserva Azul

Reserva Azul

In the community of El Cuitchat, before reaching Cuetzalan, Reserva Azul awaits. It’s the life work of Luis Enrique and Elsa Fernández. Whether you spend the night among the 27 acres of coffee plantations or not, you have to pay these two a visit. On tours of the estate, you’ll learn about how coffee is grown and processed, its medicinal uses and the magical ideas the indigenous people have developed about it.


Calle Principal Cuitchat, no number, El Cuitchat

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The estate has a couple of cabins and six palafitos (country houses with bed and terrace) so that guests can listen to what the surrounding nature has to say.




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Reserva Azul, El Cuitchat, Cuetzalan del Progreso, Pue., México

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