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Climb Up to the Faro de Mazatlán

Photo: Bryce Edwards

This majestic lighthouse is perched on the peak of Crestón, a massive, naturally occurring hill marked by a series of cliffs and outcroppings. From on top—500 feet up—you can see the waterfront promenade, downtown, and Isla de Piedra. The formation has deep caverns that are hard to reach because of the treacherous currents. Some say these caves still hold untold treasures left by pirates, booty from the merciless plundering of the ships known as “Naos” coming from the Philippines.

Useful Information

The sun is strong, so make sure to take sunscreen and plenty of water. It is a tough climb—the first part is paved with rocks, then there are stairs—so it is better to do it without kids.




El faro, Avenida del Mar, Tellería, Mazatlán, Sin., México

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