Things to do

Visit Hacienda Sahuayo

Sample the enormous variety of tequilas produced here and take your favorite one home with you.

Discover the natural fusion between the origins of agave plants, the properties of the soil, and the climate where it is cultivated, as well as the touch of the expert jimador in the harvest and the care taken during the production process. This region produces high quality tequila—types range from young silver, reposado, and añejo to the oldest extra añejo.

You can also travel to the town of Abadiano, where they make good mescal; we recommend the one made by the Valdovinos family. It is silver, strong, and aromatic. The area also produces great cheeses. To try them, visit Doña Rosa Sánchez.





Tequilera Hacienda Sahuayo, Revolución, La Puntita, Sahuayo, Michoacán, Mexico

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