The Pirates' Route
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The Pirates’ Route

Sail the turquoise waters where British pirates once searched for booty. Check it out!

The Pirates' Route

Stories and legends are hidden under this route’s turquoise waves. Known as the Pirates’ Route, pirates and smugglers used this route during the 18th century to reach Bacalar. Stroll along the canal, not only to admire the spot’s natural beauty but also to hear tales about the historical events and battles that once unfolded here.

Pirates’ Route Trivia

  • This natural canal connects the Hondo River to Bacalar Lagoon through the Chaac estuary. It is filled with the stunning turquoise water the Mexican Caribbean is famous for, along with a diverse range of plants and animals.
  • Pirates and smugglers used this canal to travel from the town of Mahahual to Bacalar.
  • During that time, one of the most smuggled natural resources was logwood, highly valued in New Spain and Europe for dying wool a range of colors.
  • It runs over 92 miles from the Hondo River.
  • Over 250 years ago, this area witnessed battles and buccaneers’ feats.
  • Legendary bandits such as Peter Wallace, the first pirate to reach Bacalar, and Diego, ‘el Mulato,’ are said to have sailed through here.
  • Due to frequent raids, the locals built San Felipe Fort.

To explore this place, we recommend hiring a tour to get the whole picture of the experience. You can join a group tour or even opt for a private tour. Additionally, explore these waters on a catamaran boat or, get your hands wet and kayak through its crystal-clear waters.

Remember to bring sun protection and stay hydrated. Always respect the area’s plants and wildlife and avoid leaving any trash behind.

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Bacalar, Laguna Bacalar, Bacalar, Quintana Roo, México

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