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Visit the Mayan Villages

Explore the ancient secrets of Xul-Ha’s sage inhabitants by visiting Bacalar’s Mayan villages.

Don’t miss your chance to visit the Mayan villages in Bacalar. Here, you can interact with the Maya residents of the nearby communities on the shores of the lagoon. To the north lies Buenavista, featuring a wellness resort. Limones, with its simple church and rustic huts, is noteworthy, as is Xul-Há to the south, where a  still pool of water reflects the sky. Find more information for planning your getaway here.


  • Mingle with the wise Mayan locals
  • Explore Buenavista and its bathing resort
  • Check out Limones with its simple church and rustic houses
  • Experience Xul-Há with its peaceful, reflective pool of water 

An Encounter with the Ancestors: Visit the Mayan Villages of Bacalar

The Maya played a significant role in Bacalar, baptizing the land Sian ka’an bakhalal, meaning “place where the sky is born, surrounded by reeds.” This pays perfect homage to the beauty of its stunning seven-colored lagoon.

When you visit this Magical Town, whose charm lies in the clusters of the small houses of fishermen, you will see the beautiful lagoon of the same name. Locals claim it displays seven shades of blue. You can swim, snorkel, dive, and take leisurely boat rides on this gorgeous body of water. More than just a lush natural setting, Bacalar is steeped in history.

The ramparts of Fort San Felipe, offering one of the best views of this natural wonder, evoke the region’s tales of pirates, while its temples and squares exude a provincial charm. When chatting with locals, inquire about their legends and traditions and savor the traditional dishes dished up in their kitchens.

Xul-Há: The Starting Point for Your Adventure

Xul-Há is a hidden paradise, accessible via tours focused on alternative, ecological, and eco-friendly tourism. This captivating lake is located in the southern part of the lagoon system it shares with Bacalar, in the state of Quintana Roo. The land holding these waters is narrow and long, running 34 miles in length and 1.55 miles in width.

The Xul-Há lagoon is just 20 minutes from Chetumal and approximately 5 minutes from Bacalar.

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Xul-Ha, Q.R., México

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