Bacalar’s Cuisine
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Bacalar’s Cuisine

Bacalar's gastronomy fuses Yucatecan, Caribbean, and Belizean cuisines, cooking up extraordinary culinary experiences.

Bacalar’s Cuisine

For those who appreciate good food, more than just exploring this corner of Quintana Roo for its stunning natural beauty, tasting the flavors and traditions of Bacalar’s cuisine is a top draw. With influences from the Yucatán Peninsula and neighboring Belize, its traditional dishes offer a wide range of fresh flavors and unique combinations worth savoring. Dig in!

Taste the Flavors of Bacalar

The cuisine of this Magical Town is a fusion of Yucatecan, Caribbean, and Belizean influences. If you are a fan of fresh, diverse flavors, visiting Bacalar to sample its culinary offerings is a must.

A clear example of these influences is the well-known dish of rice and beans. It must be cooked with coconut oil to acquire its signature flavor. There are also traditional xpelón tamales—made with a local bean variety—and sotobichay or brazo de reina, a tamale prepared with chaya leaves (spinach-like local greens).

Moreover, due to its proximity to the ocean, the gastronomy of this Magical Town features a variety of dishes with ingredients from the sea, such as tikinxic, or roasted grouper.

Gastronomy of Bacalar

Among the Bacalar’s traditional dishes, don’t forget to try:

  • Xpelón bean tamales
  • Puchero and chocolomo, rich, meat-filled stews
  • Mucbil pollo, a baked tamale prepared during the Day of the Dead
  • Pan de cazón, with its layers of fish and tortillas
  • Tikinxic, fish marinated in achiote paste and roasted in banana leaf

Seize your chance to savor the delights of Bacalar! We recommend visiting a restaurant near the lagoon so, in addition to enjoying the food, you can drink in the gorgeous views.






Kai Pez, Calle 20, Centro, Bacalar, Quintana Roo, México

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