Bacalar’s Main Square

Bacalar’s Main Square: A Pleasant Plaza for Strolls Soaked in History

The main square of Bacalar is the ideal jumping-off point for exploring the Magical Town.

Filled with lovely gardens, it’s perfect for seeking out the shade and enjoying a warm day, ice cream in hand. Without a doubt, it’s an excellent place to walk as a family and to begin planning your sightseeing in Bacalar.

Stroll Through Bacalar’s Main Square 

In the plaza’s center, you’ll find the gazebo traditionally found in Mexican squares. Ringing the square, you can admire brightly colored mansions. There are also a variety of shops selling the state’s traditional handicrafts, and you can pick up items such as huipil blouses, hammocks, wood carvings, embroideries, weavings, and much more.

The area is home to several restaurants and bars, making it a perfect place to enjoy lunch or a night out.

Near the square, you’ll find the Casa de la Cultura (Cultural Center), one of the remarkable mansions featuring beautiful murals and an arched courtyard. Moreover, the building is a true architectural gem dating back to the 19th century. Currently, it hosts art workshops, cultural exhibitions, plays, dances, and concerts.

We recommend renting a bike to explore the square and its surroundings, as it’s the best way to discover the nearby attractions.

Attractions You Can Discover Around the Square:

  • San Joaquín Church
  • San Felipe Fort
  • Casa Internacional del Escritor 
  • You can feast on Bacalar’s delicious cuisine at one of the restaurants surrounding the square.






Zócalo, Avenida 3, Centro, Bacalar, Quintana Roo, México

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