Viñedo Viveros

Viñedo Viveros: Exploring Wine Production in Quintana Roo

Viñedo Viveros stands as a project in Quintana Roo dedicated to cultivating grapes in extreme climatic conditions. Get to know it!

Viñedo Viveros

Nestled in the community of Noh Bec, in Felipe Carrillo Puerto (a 2-hour drive from Cancún), between Tulum and Bacalar, lies Viñedo Viveros. With fertile soil and expert hands, it nurtures the fruit of the vine.

Trial and Error: A Tale of Perseverance

José Viveros Tadeo founded the first vineyard in Quintana Roo, cultivating grapevines in an unsuitable climate. In 2019, 100 plants were sown across half a hectare, with a positive outcome a year later. However, in 2020, flooding caused the plants to perish. 

Humidity proved detrimental, fostering fungal growth that affected the crops. In January 2021, a dedicated agronomist caring for the plants revived 100 vines, which sprouted lush clusters of grapes by July, with 40 of them flourishing in 2021.

This vineyard aims to have its own wine brand, but so far, work is still in progress. As a recently created vineyard, time is needed to consolidate the wine flavors, have qualified personnel, and refine elements such as barrels made with 10 species of precious wood and crafted by local artisans in the region.

Vineyard + Ecotourism Attractions

Ecotourism activities draw tourists, including foreigners, to the area. In July 2023, tours commenced through the grapevines, featuring breakfast or lunch as per the scheduled visit time.

Morning visits cost $360 MXN pesos per person, while afternoon visits are $440 MXN pesos. Entry without meals costs $150 MXN pesos and includes a brief tour, a cluster of grapes, and commemorative photographs. 

Additional activities at the vineyard include:

  • Cycling
  • Hiking

The project also envisions birdwatching opportunities and potential accommodations in the future.

How to Get There

The vineyard is located just 35 minutes from Bacalar and nearly 2 hours from Tulum. To access it, take the turnoff towards Chacchobén and proceed for almost a mile. On the right-hand side of the road, you’ll spot the sign indicating Viñedo Viveros. From there, it’s only a drive of about 0.2 miles on a gravel road to reach the parking area.


VIÑEDO VIVEROS, Noh-Bec, Q.R., México

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