Old Downtown

Barrio Antiguo

This neighborhood is beloved for its history and architecture from yesteryear. It is the best-preserved part of the old downtown, hence its name. There are 18th-century buildings and from the early 20th. Notice how most of its houses are in the traditional northeastern-style of architecture. They are one-story houses with high, beamed ceilings and inner courtyards.

A stroll through this area with its bohemian air reveals shops selling antiques and handicrafts, cultural centers, all kinds of restaurants, alternative nightclubs, and colorful cafés. While you’re there, visit Casa de los Títeres, exhibiting a collection of dozens of puppets. There are ones made with wire and clay, hand puppets, shadow puppets, and many more from all over the world. Don’t miss a puppet show! Museo Estatal de Culturas Populares often has interesting art shows. And there are several art galleries such as La Galería Regia.

If you’re here on a Sunday, enjoy the Callejón Cultural. It is a type of market offering antiques, collector’s items, traditional and modern handicrafts, and even open-air shows.





Mercado Barrio Antiguo, José María Morelos, Barrio Antiguo, Centro, Monterrey, N.L., México

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