Cenote del Cocodrilo Dorado

Cenote del Cocodrilo Dorado: Where Eco-Tourism Meets Adventure

Venture into the heart of Quintana Roo's southern border for an adrenaline-fueled experience at Cenote del Cocodrilo Dorado, a haven for sporting escapades amidst breathtaking panoramas.

Cenote del Cocodrilo Dorado

Explore the realm of sports-centric ecotourism in a hidden paradise nestled within Quintana Roo’s southern frontier.

One of the routes leading to Cenote del Cocodrilo Dorado involves a 262-foot descent by rappel, offering a unique and unparalleled perspective of this stunning location. 

Encircled by a towering wall of weathered rock, the cenote sinkhole is situated a two-hour drive from Chetumal, Quintana Roo. To reach this paradise, travelers must head south to La Unión, a border town between Mexico and Belize. Upon arrival, seek advice from local residents regarding prior weather conditions, ground conditions, and whether it’s advisable to hire guides or ecotourism services for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Ecotourism at Cocodrilo Dorado

Natural landscapes serve as an ideal setting for various physical and sporting activities. Hike through the dense jungle, identifying the calls of birds such as toucans, trogons, woodpeckers, and falcons. Encounter snakes, tarantulas, and garrobos (iguanas), but most notably, immerse yourself in the distinctive chorus of howler monkeys as they move through their natural habitat.

While the primary activity involves leisurely swimming in the crystalline waters of Cenote del Cocodrilo Dorado, visitors can also traverse mountain biking trails, take exhilarating zip line rides, rappel down rocky surfaces, partake in motocross, kayak along the waterways, and explore the surrounding areas on ATVs.

The Río Hondo

In addition to exploring the springs and cenote, embarking on a journey along the Río Hondo offers a captivating experience. This Central American river spans approximately 130 miles, flowing in a northeastern direction until it meets the Chetumal Bay in the Caribbean Sea. A significant stretch of the 71-mile-long waterway serves as the border between Belize and Mexico. Visitors can also arrange for boatmen to ferry them towards Blue Creek, situated on the Belize side.

How to Get There?

Cenote del Cocodrilo Dorado rests in La Unión, at the southern border of Mexico with Belize, along the banks of the Río Hondo.

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Cenote "El Cocodrilo Dorado", Quintana Roo, México

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