Jardín Juárez

Main Square

Jardín Juárez
Jardín Juárez

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The 20th-century Jardín Juárez is Mineral de Pozos’ main square. This space was once occupied by the country’s first Fábricas de Francia (Fabrics from France) store; however, later on it was refurbished to include walkways, restaurants, hotels, and art galleries.

On your way, don’t forget to visit its hexagonal kiosk, which was hand-built. Its impressive ironwork is particularly striking. It’s perfect for sitting down on one of its benches, watching as people pass by and enjoying the afternoon. If the Cantina de Pozos is open, don’t forget to pop in and experience the past that is still very much alive in this Magical Town.



Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato, México

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