Las nueve bahías

The Nine Bays

When visiting Huatulco, don’t pass up the chance to take a boat ride along the beaches and bays of this paradise on earth. In Santa Cruz, the commercial and touristic center, you will find hotels, malls, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and agencies offering scuba diving and snorkeling outings.

Its surroundings filled with waterfalls, indigenous towns, handicraft demonstrations, and coffee farms make Huatulco one of the most attractive destinations on the Oaxacan coast.

Along its nine bays stretch 36 gorgeous beaches, remarkable for their quiet, peaceful waves and also for the distinctive turquoise-blue color of the water. You will find a special spot on each of them, whether it be soft sand for relaxing or the perfect place to hang out and have fun with watersports. The sea of paradises and pleasure in Huatulco also is on display in the famous bays Bahía Tangolunda and Bahía Santa Cruz, considered one of the most remarkable nature reserves in the country for its vast coral reefs.

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Mercado Municipal, Morelos, Santa María Huatulco, Oax., México

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