San Jacinto Parish Church

Parroquia de San Jacinto de Polonia

One of the capital city’s oldest churches is still standing in San Ángel.

It was built by the Dominicans, and soon became one of the most important centers of religious education. Inside, the main altar boasts an altarpiece ornamented in gold, dedicated to San Jacinto (Saint Hyacinth). You can also see paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries and other religious works of art. The facade boasts a cost of arms of the order of Santo Domingo de Guzmán; its wooden door is from the 17th century and still conserves its original wrought iron hinges. Still there and originating from this era, is one of the first crosses made in Mexico.

This is a simple church of beautiful architecture, made even better by its abundant gardens. Just like the vegetable patches organized by the Dominicans to feed the inhabitants of the recently formed Mexico City. As you walk through San Ángel, the Parroquia de San Jacinto invites contemplation, and its atrium offers tranquility. It still conserves its calm atmosphere. 




Parroquia de San Jacinto, San Ángel, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

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