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Puerto Morelos has been named Mexico’s leading adventure tourism destination!

#MexicanPride Puerto Morelos, in addition to being an adventure tourism destination, is the birthplace of chewing gum. Learn about its history!

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Puerto Morelos, on the Mexican Caribbean, is free-spirited and laid back, but it is also filled with adventures and fun.

Puerto Morelos
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In 2022, World Travel Awards recognized Puerto Morelos as “Mexico’s leading adventure tourism destination.” Over the years, this fishing village has grown to become an ecotourism destination for the beauty of its rainforest, mangroves, and of course, sand and surf.

Puerto Morelos sits in the north of Quintana Roo state, between Cancún and Playa del Carmen. From Cancún’s airport, it is 20.5 miles, or 20 minutes away. From here you can venture into the heart of the Riviera Maya.

Puerto Morelos

What to Do in Puerto Morelos?

Starting with this destination’s top activities, we recommend you take the Cenote route, showcasing these naturally formed limestone sinkhole pools. They include:

Adventure in Selvática Park

Selvática is an adventure park perfect for exploring Puerto Morelos’ ecosystems. You can explore them from many fun and different perspectives. There are springs, cenote pools, swamps, rivers, lagoons, and marshes. This park is right for you if you are into thrills and adventure.

Puerto Morelos
Photo: Selvática

Explore one or more activities such as:

  • 10 zip line circuits
  • Bungee jump
  • Superflight
  • Tarzania zip line
  • Swim in cenote pools
  • Explore the trails on a side-by-side ATV
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Parque Nacional Arrecife de Puerto Morelos, a National Park Protecting Coral Reefs

Set off on an underwater adventure and explore the colors of the vegetation and the marine wildlife. Around 669 species of marine animals have been classified as inhabiting this beautiful place. This makes it the second most diverse park of its kind in the world (after one in Australia), and it is only 547 yards from the shore, just the spot to snorkel and scuba dive. 

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A Port with History

The port town, called “punta corcho” (literally cork point) for the production of this product from the forest, was founded long before Cancún, but it was only partially settled for many years. It was former President Porfirio Díaz who named the state of Quintana Roo at the beginning of the 20th century, marking the start of its modern era.

Sicté is the Maya Name for Chewing Gum

It was in this place that resin was extracted from the chicozapote tree for chewing, cleaning teeth, quenching thirst, and even making candles. At that time, it was consumed completely naturally, without any industrial processes.

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At the end of the 19th century, Antonio López de Santa Anna told the scientist Thomas Adams about this resin, and he industrialized and marketed it. For this reason, it was once called “Adams Chiclets.”

Venture to Puerto Morelos and tell us what you most enjoyed in this idyllic place!