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Síijil Noh Há, a One-of-a-Kind Natural Pool in Quintana Roo

Have an extraordinary experience at Centro Ecoturístico Síijil Noh Há, which holds a magnificent natural cenote pool in the lagoon.

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Carrillo Puerto municipality, in Quintana Roo, is endeavoring to put its natural wonders and ecotourism activities within visitors’ reach to propel the region’s development. We present Síijil Noh Há, a natural spring arising from the earth. Check it out!

Síijil Noh Há

This is Centro Ecoturístico Síijil Noh Há, an ecotourism center located on Much Kanan K’áax, Siijil Noh Há’s community reserve. Its name means “place where water springs” in the Mayan language. It is run by the municipality’s community members, with the aim of minimizing environmental impacts and improving the services needed to have an extraordinary experience out in the middle of nature. They even offer lodgings.

Cenote Pool Inside the Lagoon

This unique ecosystem is home to a spectacular turquoise blue lagoon, the center of which is marked by a darker spot indicating the entrance to a sinkhole that forms a cenote pool. No one knows how deep this pool goes. The lagoon is almost a mile deep, and you can take boats and kayaks out to explore it and the local wildlife. You may spot black howler monkeys and vibrant birds.

Head off to Síijil Noh Há and rent a cabin to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets that lead into cool nights, and at dawn, you can awake to the singing birds before sampling the region’s traditional seafood. It is prepared in Tuumben Kóoben, a traditional Mayan restaurant.

The Vertical Tower

Keep the fun and thrills coming by climbing the 52.5-foot-tall vertical observation tower that seems to defy gravity. From up here, you can see other lagoons and truly absorb this ecotourism center’s beauty. When you come down, stop by the museum that depicts the place’s history and displays Mayan handicrafts.

What to Know Before You Visit 

  • Hours are 9 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday.
  • Entrance fee: $25 MXN pesos.

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  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Use biodegradable insect repellant.
  • You can bring in your own food, but do not leave trash in the facilities or the forest.
  • Do not use sunscreen or other lotions to avoid polluting the water of the lagoon and cenote.

Your entrance fee to Síijil Noh Há includes:

  • Lagoon access.
  • Cenote access.
  • Observation tower.
  • Thatch-roof shelters.

Síijil Noh Há’s Location

Kilometer 10 on the federal road to Chetumal, following the turnoff onto Laguna Ocom (Santa Isabel) road at kilometer 2.5, in Felipe Carrillo Puerto.