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Its cobbled streets, original 17th-century architecture, chapels, and country estates still reflect the splendor of times gone by.

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What Makes It Magical

This town in northwest Mexico has a very special atmosphere due to its mining past. Its age-old traditions and ghost stories are captivating.

Why You Should Go

Mina Guadalupe de los Reyes

  • The largest mine in the western part of the country.
  • It produced the stunning quantity of more than a million pesos of silver a year in the 19th century.
  • The mine’s owner was one of the forebears who got Sinaloa to separate from Sonora (the state to the northwest).
  • It closed in 1943, during WWII.

At the Very Least

Take home some minerals from Mina Guadalupe, which are sold in Museo de Minería e Historia.

Don’t Miss

  1. Visit Museo de Minería e Historia.
  2. Explore Reserva Ecológica del Mineral.
  3. Try dried-beef soup.