Tamasopo Waterfalls in the Huasteca Potosina

Tamasopo Waterfalls in the Huasteca Potosina

Translucent water, gushing waterfalls, and lush vegetation are some of the images that describe this veritable Eden.

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The peculiar calm of undisturbed, gorgeous natural settings reigns at Tamasopo Waterfalls Water Park. The waterfalls remain in their natural form. The freshness and simplicity of the place has barely been touched by the hand of man. There’s just a small restaurant with homestyle cooking.

One could spend hours watching the three waterfalls that appear in short succession and never tire of the spectacle. Listen to the sound of them falling from a height of about 65 feet and watch the uniform sheet of water split into segments that slide over the rocks. In some parts, the segments are wide; in others, they’re like thin threads of silver.

Light plays a spectacular role at the falls. It creates reflections in the waterfalls making them look like undulating curtains of snow. Where the sun does not shine, shadows create depth, highlighting the illuminated parts, like small, dazzling suns.

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We can’t not mention the color of the water. At the water’s edge it’s appears to have a pale green color that, like in a water color painting, gradually takes on hues of blue until it’s all turquoise—but with a crystal clear transparency you’ve never seen before. It makes you want to jump in and watch your body slip into the world of blues and greens. It’s easy to identify the deep parts of the pool because they take on a dark blue color.

The three falls are more or less the same height but differ in terms of form, type of fall, and stream supplying the water. The first one is the longest. It’s divided into two falls of about 50 feet each. The water appears to skirt among the rocks, dividing for a stretch here, trying out different routes, before finally joining up again. The second, on the other hand, is narrower and crashes down in a roar. It’s as if, instead of moving off to the sides upon reaching the surface, the water forcefully hurls itself down.

A quiet pool of water catches everything the waterfalls have to give it. Because the water is so clear, you can make out small rocks at the water’s edge, giving it a sandy color. With depths of about 16 feet, the deeper parts where there are no rocks have a turquoise blue color.

Located a few yards from each other, between the two falls, a small stream makes its way through the cracks in the rocks and among the scrub. It almost looks like a separate waterfall, not a split-off. It’s like a trickle of water that left the main stream in search for independence. It makes its way into the cracks and crevices, taking on a character of its own and resulting in a spectacular sight.

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A kind of catwalk leads us to a circular pool where the third waterfall lands. It rushes over the huge rocks creating a uniform body of water that joins back up with the intense turquoise blue that predominates in the pool. Its deepest point (23 feet) invites people to dive in, doing flips from the cement diving platform. There’s a rope hanging from the branch of a sturdy tree that you can swing and jump off of into the cool water.

The falls are fed by the Tamasopo River, named after the municipality of the same name. The river later joins the Damián Carmona River, forming the Gallinas River, which drops from a height of 345 feet in an exceptional cataract, known as Tamul Falls. From there, the water feeds the Tampaón River.

The water park is admirably clean. For years, a park keeper has kept it impeccable.

It’s a great place for camping and for a laidback vacation. There’s over an acre of campgrounds, under the shade of fruit trees. Entry costs 5 pesos per person per day. A number of grills make cooking easy while adding exquisite flavor. The site is fenced off for security.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of San Luis Potosí’s many natural beauties.

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To reach Tamasopo Waterfalls from Mexico City, take road number 70. The turnoff to Tamasopo is 34 miles from Ciudad Valles and 127 miles from San Luis Potosí. The town is located 4.3 miles ahead. The water park is located just over a mile from Tamasopo. The fully paved road is kept in perfect conditions.

You can camp on site or stay in Tamasopo.