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Parque Nacional La Malinche
Parque Nacional La Malinche

In Laguna de Atlanga, you can take a boat ride, hop on a Jet Ski, and try sport fishing. The Villa Quinta Olivares and Atlangatepec recreational centers, as well as Zacatelco, offer restaurants, playgrounds, boat rides, and horseback rides. If you are into camping, you should really head to Llanos de Teopan or Presa de Pozuelos, but if you are more interested in trying out different climbing techniques and styles, try Acopinalco del Peñón, Cerro Cuatlapanga, or La Hoyanca. These have interesting elevations and rock walls perfect for climbing.


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laguna de Atlangatepec., Avenida 5 de Mayo, Atlangatepec, Tlax., México

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