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Make Your Own Pasty

Viaja a Mineral del Monte

In the 19th century, the first British immigrants from the county of Cornwall brought their Cornish pasties to Real del Monte. Like turnovers, they are pastries filled with meat and vegetables. Nowadays, many of the town’s homes have red brick ovens where women bake this delicious treat—an essential part of any party or family get-together. We recommend heading to Pastes El Portal and digging in to their traditional potato and beef version.

A good spot to learn how to make them for yourself is in Museo del Paste, a museum that will transport you through time with its kitchen’s objects and creations. You can also learn about the history of this dish in its interactive and audiovisual galleries.


Museo del Paste, Huejutla de Reyes - Pachuca, Vizcaínas, Mineral del Monte, Hgo., México

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