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Spend an Afternoon in Parque de Peñas Cargadas

This small valley in the middle of the woods is known for its large boulders and an extreme zip line over half a mile long that is just one part of a long circuit made up of 30 lines. They run along 10 miles in all. If you are not interested in doing the complete circuit, you can choose the number of lines you want. Prices run from 80 pesos for a couple zip lines to up to 1,200 pesos for the whole route. You can also rent ATVs and bicycles, ride horses, or even have a campfire.


Just over 6 miles east of Real del Monte, on the road towards Epazoyucan


Daily, 8 am to 6 pm

Useful Information

The best time to go is during the week as it can get crowded on weekends. Grills are available, but you need to take your own food because none is for sale at the park.

Every May 3rd, you can watch a climbing event that includes ascents on zip lines, music, and a lot of dancing. Don’t miss it!

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Peñas Cargadas, Hidalgo, México

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