fishing punta mosquito
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Sport Fishing at Punta Mosquito

Hop aboard, enjoy the ocean, and catch your own lunch!

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fishing punta mosquito
fishing punta mosquito

Sport fishing at Punta Mosquito is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying activities you can do while in Holbox.

Grab your fishing rod and head out in search of some of the species that swim in the area. We’ll walk you through the experience of fishing around Punta Mosquito.

How to fish at Punta Mosquito?

To try your hand at this activity, you can book a tour with one of the various reputable tour operators on the island. Moguel, VIP Holbox, and Monkey’s are a few of the companies offering such tours.

At Punta Mosquito, you can reel in medium- and small-sized fish such as corvina, grouper, snapper, and mojarra. The experienced can catch some large species like sailfish, red snapper, and barracuda.

Fishing spots are located between twenty minutes to an hour away from the pier and have depths ranging from 5 to 11 feet.

Most tours include the following:

  • Fishing equipment: lines, weights, bait, etc.
  • Water and refreshments
  • Ceviche prepared with the day’s catch
  • Some also include transportation from your hotel or accommodations to the dock where the boat departs.

Tips for fishing in Holbox

  • Bring biodegradable sunscreen and/or a hat.
  • Pack towels and a swimsuit if you fancy a dip.
  • Consider bringing extra cash for tips.
  • Tours depend on weather conditions, so it’s essential to always confirm with the operator a few hours before departure.




Punta Mosquito, Holbox, Q.R., México

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