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Kitesurfing: Glide Over the Sea

Try an extreme sport amidst the wind and waves!


Kitesurfing in Holbox? The paradisiacal island in northern Quintana Roo has emerged as one of the top global destinations for engaging in this exhilarating sport. 

You don’t need to be an expert or have any prior experience; you can learn it right here on the island! Here’s all the information you need to experience kitesurfing in Holbox.

What is Kitesurfing? 

Also known as kiteboarding, it’s a water sport performed on a board, propelled by a kite. Practitioners of this discipline utilize the wind’s force to control the kite, allowing them to glide across the water. 

One of the attractions of this sport is the ability to perform high jumps propelled by the wind, giving riders the sensation of flying above the water.

How to Practice Kitesurfing in Holbox? 

Whether you’re a beginner or have never tried kitesurfing, there are two certified schools in Holbox ready to assist you: Holbox Kiteboarding and Kukulkite

Both schools provide all the necessary equipment for you to start gliding across the surface of the sea. They will guide you step by step through everything you need to know for your first outing. During these initial attempts, you’ll be accompanied and assisted by an instructor throughout. 

For those with some experience, they also offer classes in other kiteboarding variations such as kitefoil, wakefoil, windfoil, and wingfoil.

Important Information

  • The kitesurfing season in Holbox runs from November to June, when the most favorable winds prevail.
  • Nine-hour courses range from $360 USD to $990 USD, depending on the number of participants per instructor and the school.
  • There are two kitesurfing spots in Holbox: Kite Beach, situated alongside the hotel zone and designed for beginners, and Punta Mosquito, accessible only by boat, catering to intermediate and advanced surfers.

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KUKULKITE Holbox KiteSurf School, Avenida Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, Holbox, Q.R., México

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