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Relax in a hammock

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holbox hammocks
holbox hammocks

Holbox hammocks are famous and often feature in many photographs of the island, with the idyllic ocean views in the background. Kicking back in a hammock and enjoying the view is surprisingly one of the best things to do in Holbox.

What are Holbox hammocks?

One of the most popular activities on the island is, paradoxically, doing nothing. Tourists often follow locals’ example and learn to enjoy the slower pace of life. The idea is to lie back by the shore, watch the waves, take in the sunset, or cool off with the gentle sea breeze. 

Watch the day go by or read a good book while lying in a hammock, feeling like you are floating.

What you need to know

Almost all hotels in Holbox have areas with hammocks for their guests to enjoy. In addition, there are thatched shelters on the beach where locals rent hammocks by the hour. A key point to remember is that, as of 2020, all hammocks in the ocean were removed from the island. 

Despite being a Holbox icon, this decision was made to protect birds and marine life from structures considered invasive. However, there are still hammocks all over the beach and at hotels; they are just required to be on the sand, not in the water.

Best Places to Relax in a Hammock

In addition to hotels, some spots and beach clubs where you can experience the Holbox hammock are:

  • Playa Punta Cocos, which in addition to hammocks, also has covered beds for a comfortable nap.
  • Carolinda, a beach club with spectacular sunset views and hammocks for you to lie back, drink in hand.
  • Another beach club where you can enjoy hammocks is the aptly named Las Hamacas Club de Playa.
  • In ALMA Bar, they have hammocks swinging over the infinity pool with a view of the sea. This is the closest thing to experiencing hammocks in the ocean.



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