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Swimming with Whale Sharks

Gentle giants, quietly blending into the blue ocean.

Swimming alongside a whale shark in Holbox is an experience that will linger in your heart for a lifetime. 

No matter how much you’ve heard about it, or how many images you’ve seen, nothing compares to experiencing it firsthand. 

We’ll guide you through everything you need to know about this activity for your upcoming visit to Holbox.

When is Whale Shark Season in Holbox? 

The season for whale shark expeditions begins in mid-May and ends in mid-September. This correlates with the presence of these magnificent creatures in the waters of the Mexican Caribbean. Each summer, whale sharks journey to these warm waters in search of nourishment. These animals feed upon the same plankton responsible for the bioluminescence on Holbox’s beaches.

How to Swim with Whale Sharks? 

The only way to live this experience is by booking a tour with an authorized operator, such as VIP Holbox and Moguel, among others operating on the island. These tours typically include:

  • Transportation from your hotel to the pier
  • Life vests and snorkeling equipment
  • Water and refreshments
  • Fresh ceviche
  • Two dives per person in the whale shark area
  • A snorkeling stop at Cabo Catoche 

The tour price ranges between $3,000 y $4,000 MXN pesos per person for a shared boat tour or between $15,000 y $20,000 MXN pesos for a private group tour.

What You Should Know 

Here are some essential details about whale sharks and the experience of swimming with them in Holbox:

  • The whale shark is considered the world’s largest fish, reaching lengths of up to 59 feet.
  • They are docile and gentle animals, allowing for safe proximity (but no touching).
  • Tours do not guarantee that you will encounter whale sharks, and no refunds are provided if sightings are unsuccessful. However, the chances of not spotting them are minimal.
  • Expeditions are for snorkeling. While it’s possible to scuba dive, you need to bring your own gear and hire a private boat.
  • Avoid touching the sharks and strictly adhere to the guides’ instructions throughout the expedition.
  • If using sunscreen, ensure it’s biodegradable to prevent environmental harm to these creatures’ habitat.

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