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Go on a Boat Ride Across the Lagunas de Catazajá

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To the north of Palenque, about 18 miles away, you will reach the Lagunas de Catazajá, a lake supplied by the Río Usumacinta. In this body of water, which has one of the strongest fishing traditions in Chiapas, a boat ride is the perfect way to watch birds and crocodiles amble along the sand banks. This is the habitat of aquatic species such as manatees, otters, lobsters, turtles and gars. In terms of plant life, fig, mahogany, ceiba and sapodilla trees abound.  



The Lagunas de Catazajá are around 30 minutes away from the city of Palenque, on the 199 road towards Villahermosa.


Useful Information 

Catazajá is comprised of about 49 lakes, among which Pedernales, Pantanal, and Herradura stand out. During the month of October, a sea bass fishing tournament is held. 


Laguna de Catazajá, Chiapas, México

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