Rapel en el Cerro de la Bufa
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Go Abseiling on the Cerro de la Bufa

Be adventurous and go abseiling on this hill and enjoy the incredible views.

Rapel en el Cerro de la Bufa

To see Guanajuato from afar, to observe the valley and its surroundings, you must do so from up high, from the Cerro de la Bufa, also known as Los Picachos. Another tour offered by Turismo Alternativo en Guanajuato is the chance to go to the top of the hill to climb and go abseiling there, with the horizon stretching all around you. The ascent is via a pathway and once you reach the top, the view is astonishing. The clouds float by, their shadows drifting along the rocks below. In the distance, on other peaks, you might just spot horses freely grazing. 

This activity lasts for around five hours and can adapt to different levels of experience and physical condition. If you decide to do it, you can do three abseil descents on different faces of the Bufa Hill (of 50, 100, and even 164 feet). 

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