Zoológico Miguel Álvarez del Toro (ZooMat)
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Zoológico Miguel Álvarez del Toro (ZooMat)

This amazing zoo, Zoológico Miguel Álvarez del Toro (Zoomat), is named after the naturalist who ran it for over 50 years. It is located in El Zapotal, a protected area of medium-high rainforest that recreates the natural habitat of the species they exhibit. 

The most representative species of the region’s animal life and those in danger of extinction all have their place here: quetzals, macaws, toucans, great curassows, peacocks, the beautiful black jaguar, tapirs and howler monkeys.  




ZOOMAT, Calle Señor del Pozo, Cerro Hueco, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chis., México

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