Tonatico Municipal Waterpark

Balneario Municipal

If there’s one thing that’s the pride of Tonatico, it’s this municipal waterpark fed by several natural hot springs. The high mineral content and 95-degree-Fahrenheit temperatures have made it very attractive to those wishing to soak in the water and relieve issues such as rheumatism, arthritis, lumbago, gout, high blood pressure, sciatica, severe stress, and even exhaustion. It’s also a place for those wishing to relax and enjoy the benefits of clay. 

And there are those who come to this waterpark just to have a nice time with the family. They have fun on the huge water slide and an island where little ones can have a blast splashing around while enjoying other amenities.

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Balneario Municipal de Tonatico, Tonatico, Méx., México

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