Grutas de la Estrella Cave System

Hidden underground, there’s a site devoted to worshipping Tláloc, the god of rain. Its name is Grutas de la Estrella. To get there, you have to walk down 450 steps to an underground river with three cascades. If you follow where the cave leads, you’ll reach a gallery where stalactites in the shape of mammoths and eagles, crucifixes and oil lamps, and even Dante’s profile appear in this part of the world.

You’ll need to hire the services of a tour operator in order to seem them, who can also tell you about the geographic origins and the stories that have been written about these caves. Those who can’t access them for reasons of health or physical disability can enjoy an interactive virtual museum which allows them to have the same experience. Spelunking fans will be happy to lose themselves for three hours. The tour of the underground river entails rappel descents and swimming in a number of natural pools. Those wishing to sign up can do so from February to June.





Grutas de la Estrella Tonatico, La Puerta de Santiago, Méx., México

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