Mexico in Miniature

Discover Mexico Park, See Mexico in Miniature

Discover Mexico Park in Cozumel showcases impressive dioramas of Mexico’s various wonders. Check out Mexico in miniature!

Discover Mexico Park Cozumel is one of the most visited parks in the region. It offers a unique experience, bringing together the wonders of the country all in one place. This includes detailed depictions of Mexico’s most important sites. The magic of Discover Mexico Park lies in its dioramas—detailed displays showcasing life around the places depicted. This gives visitors the feeling of being in these locations. For this reason, we recommend this spot for fabulous photos. Find more information about this attraction in Cozumel here. 

Some of the most interesting spots you’ll find on display include the Chichén Itzá temple, the Ángel de la Independencia statue, and exhibits of crafts from all regions of Mexico. This allows you to immerse yourself in the country’s great cultural and natural diversity.

If you plan to visit Mexico in miniature, the following information will be useful. 

At the park, you’ll find the Museo de Arte Popular (Museum of Folk Art), a place to grab a snack, as well as craft and souvenir shops. 

The park also has activity spaces and various attractions such as for tequila tasting classes, a bar for sampling tacos from all over the country, a chocolate-making workshop, and even a workshop where you can create fantastical alebrije figures.


Monday to Saturday, 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Starting from 470 pesos. 
A general admission ticket covers your entry to the park and access to its facilities. However, keep in mind that you can add on more experiences. For example, you can learn about Mexico’s chocolate-making traditions in a hands-on cocoa workshop or taste local liquors during a José Cuervo tequila tasting. Some combined tours also include visits to nearby attractions, such as Chankanaab National Park. Check out the park’s official social media for current promotions and packages.


Discover Mexico Park Cozumel, Carretera Costera Sur, Zona Hotelera Norte, Cozumel, Q.R., México

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