Museo de la Isla

Explore Cozumel at the Museo de la Isla (Museum of the Island)

Museums are spaces dedicated to the preserving and sharing history. Discover the history of Cozumel in Museo de la Isla.

Museo de la Isla en Cozumel
Museo de la Isla en Cozumel

Museo de la Isla, a building from the 1930s that once operated as one of the destination’s first hotels, provides a comprehensive overview of Cozumel‘s geography, ecosystems, history, and culture. Through its 11 interactive rooms, embark on a playful educational journey. The museum’s impressive aims make it the perfect family-friendly destination. Learn more about this venue here.

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Museo de la Isla: The Best Way to Learn about Cozumel’s Roots

Formerly known as Cuzamil (Nest of Swallows in the Mayan language), Cozumel is one of the most visited islands globally. Its lush natural surroundings and beautiful Caribbean location make it irresistible. This paradise holds strong Mayan roots that enrich your experience of its beaches.
Cozumel played a vital role in Maya culture around 900 A.D. It was home to the temple of the Goddess Ixchel, the deity of fertility and the moon. Maya women would undertake pilgrimages, bringing offerings and prayers to the Goddess Ixchel. Additionally, the island served as a crucial port for Maya trade, dealing in coffee, corn, rice, jade, among other goods.
In 1950, Cozumel took its initial steps towards becoming a tourist destination, receiving visitors from the East Coast of the United States. The island’s hotel industry saw significant growth after the Cuban revolution in 1959. Then, the first five-star hotel, Hotel Presidente, opened its doors. It continues to operate in this category.
For an in-depth understanding of this history, visit Museo de la Isla, a historic building that was among the destination’s early hotels. Its primary function is to safeguard and preserve Cozumel’s cultural heritage, ensuring you can pick up the local spirit that is like nowhere else.

Useful Information for Visiting the Museo de la Isla:

Price: $162 pesos
Children under 3 enter free
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Facilities and services included with your ticket: Restrooms, elevator for people with disabilities, 11 interactive rooms, and 2 temporary exhibition rooms.


Museo de Cozumel, Avenida Rafael E. Melgar entre calle 4 y 6 Norte, Centro, Cozumel, Q.R., México

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