El Portal de la Columna

El Portal de la Columna Historical Building

El Portal de la Columna

This building was constructed in the 17th century by the Salvatierra Carmelites. During the colonial era, this place was known as the “Paradero del Carmen”, because the Barefoot Carmelites offered lodgings to traveler’s servants and to the order superiors who arrived from Guanajuato and Valladolid. They also had two inns for other travelers. Nowadays, 28 monolithic columns and 33 rounded arches have been conserved. 

Useful Information

Its name originates from the fact that in the middle of the vestibule there was a space with a painting of the Señor de la Columna (Lord of the Column). During the Reform Laws, the painting was transported to the current Santuario Diocesano de Nuestra Señora de la Luz (Our Lady of Light Diocesan Sanctuary).



Orden Segunda de Clarisas Capuchinas, Miguel Hidalgo, Zona Centro, Salvatierra, Gto., México

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