Día de la Casona
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Cross the Puente de Batanes, a bridge built in 1652; spend time with Capuchin nuns; and hike up the Cerro de Culiacán to enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

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What Makes It Magical

Salvatierra, founded in 1644, began as a city of Spaniards. Its existence has been marked by the course of the River Lerma, the vintage Puente de Batanes that crosses it, the long ditch and the couple of canals that have always made use of the stream. Here, there is no dearth of convents or religious orders living in them as though time has stopped. They produce yarn and fabric, make candy, and spend their days doing anything other than rushing.

Why You Should Go

Its Architectural Legacy

  • The Templo y Convento del Carmen was built by the prominent architect Friar Andrés de San Miguel.
  • The Templo y Convento de las Capuchinas was finished in the 19th century and its old cemetery is now the Plaza Amado Nervo.
  • The Santuario Diocesano de Nuestra Señora de la Luz is home to a pilgrim virgin made of corn stalk paste.
  • The Templo y Convento de San Francisco dates back to the 18th century and its cloisters were restored after the Cristero War.

At the Very Least

The Virgin of the Light was moved from one side of the Puente de Batanes to the other until it was definitely placed in its sanctuary in 1808. Come and visit her!

Don’t Miss

  1. Buy wafers, churros and rompope(eggnog) from the Capuchin nuns who still live in cloisters.
  2. Discover the course of the ditch and the couple of canals that ring the city.
  3. Gaze at the Cerro de Culiacán in the distance, from the top of any church.

Día de la Casona