Museos de Durango

City Museums

Museos de Durango

The city of Durango is home to a wide array of museums. There is the Regional Museum, built in the 19th century, which exhibits 1,400 objects that give an overview of the state’s history. Museo Túnel de Minería (Mining Museum) gives a look at how miners used to extract minerals. The collection includes machines, tools, and clothing from the era. And even little visitors will have a blast learning about technology, science, culture, and art at Bebeleche Interactive Museum of Durango. 

Moreover, Durango has the unique distinction of being the Tierra del Cine (Land of Cinema). No one can visit without going to Rafael Trujillo Museum. It has nine gigantic movie cameras that were used to film the first movies dozens of years ago. Facilities also include the Thematic Museum of Cinema, displaying posters, photographs, and print media autographed by the stars of movies shot in the state. And finally, to bring the Mexican Revolution to life, head to Francisco Villa Museum. 





Museo Regional de Durango "Jose Angel Rodriguez Solorzano", Victoria Sur, Zona Centro, Durango, Dgo., México

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