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Chihuahua City

Travel to the north of the country, and discover the spectacular Copper Canyons that cut through the middle of Sierra Tarahumara land.

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Three worlds overlap to form Chihuahua’s capital city. Downtown is the old city, founded in 1709 by don Antonio Deza y Ulloa as San Francisco de Cuéllar, although it changed its name nine years later to San Felipe el Real de Chihuahua. Here is the magnificent Cathedral, one of northern Mexico’s most dazzling works of architecture, which dates from the first decades of this period. But alongside this are many other religious and civil structures from the colonial period and the 19th and 20th centuries that add to the city’s elegant, historic character. 

Enveloping the downtown is the modern city bustling with businesses, multiple cultural institutions and universities, and the automotive and aerospace industry. The city has become one of the main and most dynamic economic motors of the north of the country. And then, there is a third world on further out—the charming towns scattered around the city. There is Aldama with its gardens and spas, Cuauhtémoc with its spreading apple orchards and Mennonite farms, Santa Eulalia with its mountains and mines… 

The capital of the state of Chihuahua is a multi-faceted city of yesterday and today: the departure point for El Chepe train, a crossroads, and a gateway to the desert and the countryside… 

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