Guerrero’s Lagoons, Coastal Paradises

Close to Acapulco are natural wonders that are strikingly different from the popular resort city. Discover Guerrero’s lagoons!

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In sharp contrast with the hubbub of the tourist resorts of Acapulco, Ixtapa, and Taxco are the places off the beaten path, such as Guerrero’s lagoons: Coyuca and Tres Palos, close to Acapulco, and Michigan, on the way to Zihuatanejo. They are truly natural utopias where you can try the following activities:

  • fishing
  • skiing
  • boat rides

Coyuca Lagoon

Coyuca Lagoon, which is formed where the river of the same name flows into the ocean, still retains its original charm. You can see people fishing for the bounty of the sea from their traditional dugout canoes, throwing out their small nets with patience earned from long experience.

Rides around the lagoon are supremely relaxing. There are motorboats carrying from 15 to 20 passengers that run to the sandbar, passing through a landscape edged by mangroves where herons and many other birds make their nests.

This is the perfect place to play water sports in freshwater and the ski clubs located on the shores of the lagoon make it easy. If you are staying in the port, it is well worth heading out to the lagoon—play your favorite sport, savor a delicious bowl of cuatete (catfish) soup for lunch, and then gaze towards Pie de la Cuesta as the day winds down to spot the sun set behind the huge waves crashing over Guerrero’s coastline. 

Tres Palos Lagoon

In the middle of strikingly beautiful scenery, Tres Palos lagoon is usually visited by those looking to bird-watch and fish. The flocks of ducks that nest here year-round have become one of its big draws.

Lizards are still seen in the surroundings, and it has held on to the environmental conditions that let other regional wildlife thrive.

Michigan Lagoon, formerly Isla de Pájaros

For those willing to make a little extra effort for an adventure and who truly love nature, a visit to Michigan lagoon is in order.

Although it does not offer tourist amenities, it is an excellent spot to fish, spend time with those who fish for a living, and watch—as dusk falls—the breathtaking scenery topped off by the rhythmic swaying of coconut palms.