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Lose yourself in its colorful streets. Spend some time at its museums. Enjoy a delicious pan de pulque and explore the woodsy surrounds.

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What makes it magical

Arid, semi-desert valleys open up to a landscape of grasslands, rolling hills, and forests.This is Amealco. It’s a town full of color and tradition that’s best explored at a slow pace. It’s the birthplace of one of Querétaro’s most iconic symbols: colorful cloth dolls also known as Marías. It’s also the land of pulque (fermented agave sap) and where they worship Santa María Concepción for nearly a full month.

Why you should go

A doll called María

  • The handicraft symbol of Querétaro.
  • These dolls have served as tools for teaching children certain roles in their communities.
  • They are used to teach lessons about traditional dress and dancing, and even mothering.
  • There are dolls made from clay, cactus fiber, wool, and istle.

Don’t miss

  1. Experiencing the Festival Nacional de la Muñeca Artesanal (National Traditional Doll Festival).
  2. Stargazing atop Cerro de los Gallos.
  3. Trying pan de pulque (pulque bread).