The 5 Must-Sees of Nuevo León

For two weeks, actress Martha Higareda traveled the main tourist centers of the state of Nuevo León. Find out which places blew her away!

28-01-2022, 11:29:43 AM Por:

1. Matacanes Canyon

I loved it! It’s an ecotourism adventure in which you spend all day making your way through the canyon. You make your way down to the “landings” of this natural formation by means of rappel, traversing tunnels with water up to your waist, and there’s even a 40-foot jump into waterfall. Finally, you swim through a dark tunnel only to come out onto one of the natural beauties of the Sierra. It was thrilling. I highly recommend it, especially for ecotourism lovers.

2. The García Caves

These caves are incredible! First, you arrive via aerial cable car. Once there, there’s an incomparable sensation of entering the heart of the mountain. Inside, there are wonderful things to see, like formations that have taken nature millions of years to create.

3. Santa Lucía Riverwalk

In the city of Monterrey, I loved the Santa Lucía Riverwalk because it gives you the chance to see the big city but in a way that’s different, attractive, and quite magical. I particularly liked the stretch where the buildings of the city mingle and contrast with Fundidora Park, giving rise to an impressive, singular landscape.

4. La Huasteca

Another place I recommend is the Huasteca. This natural area is full of gorgeous semi-desert landscapes and places where everything looks like paradise, thanks to its completely different climate and vegetation. Something I was surprised to learn when reading up on Nuevo León is that many foreigners enjoy the Huasteca. They come here because they consider it a mythical setting for mega-adventures. As Mexicans, we should also be interested in seeing and visiting the wonders we have in our own backyard.

5. Santiago

Finally, I recommend the Magical Town of Santiago. Located a few miles from Monterrey, this town is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Also, simply put, the food is delicious. You have to see it.