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Get to know its streets on foot, explore the foothills of the Cerro del Tuiche by bike, visit the market and find a delicious sorbet, dance to banda music.

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What Makes It Magical

This Magical Town begins each day among pine, live oak and chamomile, watching as peach and lime trees grow. The town’s polished appearance has only existed since the 1950s. Its inhabitants walk through the large garden where music is never in short supply on Sundays. And when the year begins and the Fiestas del Güerito San Sebastián are approaching, they know that soon they will be hearing the delightful sounds of Los Papaquis (traditional bands) and seeing faces smeared with pinole (finely ground flour made with parched corn).

Why You Should Go

Its Melodious Atmosphere

  • This is a town of musicians, jaraberos, mariachis and Sinaloan bands.
  • Important musical groups have been formed here, such as Mariachi Imperial or Mariachi Internacional Los Pérez.
  • In December, Mariachi Internacional Los Pérez organizes a concert which is definitely worth attending.
  • On the Día del Hijo Ausente (Day of the Absent Son) or during the Fiestas de Octubre, you can listen to the Sinaloan bands play.

At the Very Least

Wander through Jardín Morelos and ask the bass drum musicians to play something for you.

Don’t Miss

  1. Peek inside the hundred-year-old grocery store La Palestina, under the Parián arches.
  2. Try the famous Nieves Barrón (sorbets), in the Municipal Market.
  3. Explore the San Sebastián neighborhood, and visit its church with the yellow facade.