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Learn About the Process of Crafting Mezcal

In San Luis you have the chance to learn about the process of creating one of the country’s most cherished liquors: mescal. Head to Hacienda Peñasco, an old building set in the north of the state’s capital, in the middle of a region that was once a center of pulque production. Today, the hacienda is remodeled, and among its ventures, is launching its own artisanal mescal under the name Mezcal Peñasco.

The tour starts on the patio where the ovens that roast the hearts of the maguey plants are located. Then, it continues through a room where the agave is ground with a horse-drawn tahona, a large round millstone that presses the juices out of the plant. To discover the rest of the process behind the drink, be sure to book a visit to the estate.





Hacienda Peñasco, La Cabra, S.L.P., México

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