El Farito

El Farito

A lovely spot with translucent waves, El Farito is perfect for exploring the ocean’s treasures.

El Farito

El Farito is a Parque Nacional Acuático (National Aquatic Park) for its crystal-clear water and highly diverse marine life, which brings an extra allure to activities such as snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving. This gem of the Mexican Caribbean is the ideal setting for water sports novices because the tides are not strong.

Explore the ocean’s wonders from El Farito

This stunning site is only about a mile from Isla Mujeres. One of its unique charms is the lighthouse, which looks like a tiny castle rising above a reef. Thanks to the structure, the reef is protected from damage so it can grow naturally, making this spot ideal for those into snorkeling and scuba diving.

Because of the quiet, transparent water, you can try out these aquatic activities safely and easily here. Around the lighthouse, you can admire the multicolored fish in the reef. Plus, just a few yards away is the Virgen del Farito. This icon is adored by the people who fish the area, who ask her for favors and thank her.

Things to keep in mind

  • Remember you are a visitor here. You must respect the place’s plants and wildlife. Do not disturb the fish.
  • We recommend wearing biodegradable sunscreen to protect not only your skin but also the environment.
  • Also, remember that there are rocky areas in the reef, so be careful when swimming to avoid bumping into them.
  • Likewise, try not to touch or alter the coral reef.
  • It is a good idea to hire an experienced guide or tour operator to participate in all the activities safely.
  • Do not litter or remove anything from the reef.

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