sleeping sharks cave

Sleeping Sharks Cave

Sharks had never been observed sleeping due to their rapid metabolism, until this cave of sleeping sharks was discovered.

sleeping sharks cave

Imagine exploring the depths of the ocean and seeing these awe-inspiring creatures in deep sleep. Thirty minutes by boat from Isla Mujeres, and about 66 feet underwater, lies this cave where several shark species rest from their journeys: this is the sleeping sharks cave.

The unique cave sheds light on our knowledge of these animals. Discover more information about this captivating attraction nestled in the state of Quintana Roo.

Visit the Sleeping Sharks Cave

Despite what Hollywood movies would have you believe, sharks don’t usually attack humans without provocation. People can actually swim serenely alongside these beautiful creatures. So, if you are a thrill-seeker and know how to scuba dive, here you can swim among the most astonishing species of sharks in peace and harmony. Following all of your guide’s directions of course!

To get here, take a ferry from Cancún to Isla Mujeres. Once on the island, a boat can take you out to the cave. You must be a certified diver, as you will have to dive dozens of feet deep.

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