Museo de la Marimba

Marimba Museum

Museo de la Marimba
Parque de la Marimba

Under the premise of paying tribute to the musical instrument that brings so much joy to Chiapas, the Marimba Museum was founded in 2006. Ever since, this space has dedicated itself to disseminating the history of the marimba and the melodies it plays. 

Among the exhibited pieces there is one eighth-note marimba from the 16th century, a diatonic marimba, and a requinto marimba that was a part of the Hermanos Aquino orchestra for decades. A circular marimba also stands out, made with rose tree wood and not with hormiguillo, as is customary. The biggest one was made in 1910 and belonged to the maestro David Gómez Solana. 

Photos of musical groups and composers accompany the exhibition. An interactive hall, an audiovisual hall, and a music library form a part of the museum’s facilities. They also offer classes for children and adults. 




Museo de la Marimba, Calle Novena Poniente Sur, El Cerrito, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chis., México

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