Museo del Café

Coffee Museum

Museo del Café
Museo del Café
Museo del Café

Located in a house that dates back to 1913, the Coffee Museum is committed to promoting coffee culture of the whole state. Within its three halls you will learn about the cultivation of the coffee plant and the transformation of the beans, as well as the product commercialization. 

The exhibition’s first space, where the origin and history of coffee in Chiapas is explained, is dedicated to Gerónimo Manchinelli, the man who introduced various coffee plants to Soconusco in the 19th century. The second hall examines the coffee plant’s biology, the ecosystem that surrounds it, its production within Mexico and the process of organic cultivations.  

Besides demonstrating with machines the process that makes the transformation of a cherry tree into roasted coffee beans possible, the last part of the museum extols the properties of coffee. A tasting laboratory and a café concludes the visit. 





Museo del Café, Calle 2a. Oriente Norte, San Marcos, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chis., México

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