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Enjoy its mining-town architecture, colorful and varied handicrafts, and gorgeous countryside where you can marvel at monarch butterflies.

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What Makes It Magical

It is hard to say what Tlalpujahua’s biggest attraction is—is it the splendid mining-town architecture, its colorful mix of handicrafts, or the stunning countryside where monarch butterflies make their homes?

Why You Should Go

Its Handicraft Work

  • Every year, 20 million glass ball Christmas decorations are made here, putting the town among the top five producers in the world.
  • Around 250 family workshops produce blown glass
  • The town is the birthplace of expert artists Gabriel Olay Olay and Luis Guillermo Olay Barrientos, whose feather art creations have won national prizes.

At the Very Least

Visit at least one glass ball, glassblowing, or feather art workshop to learn about the process of creating these handicrafts that have become known around the world.

Don’t Miss

  1. Buy glass balls and other decorative blown glass objects and feather art works.
  2. Tour Dos Estrellas mine.
  3. Observe the monarch butterflies in the nearby Santuario Sierra Chincua.