The Best Beaches for the Adventurous in Guerrero

Life at the beach is just more fun, and what could be better than being on the best beaches in Guerrero for adventurers. Here, we’ll tell you which ones they are.

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If adventure and exploring new places is your thing, you have to visit these beaches in Guerrero. You are sure to love them!

1. Majahua Beach / Acapulco

Located on the southern side of Puerto Marqués, this is one of the coast’s smallest beaches at only 164 yards long. Its calm, crystal-clear water lets you swim comfortably. The ocean here is also perfect for snorkeling or any other activity in the waves.

2. Las Gatas Beach / Zihuatanejo

To reach this corner of Zihuatanejo, you need to hop on one of the motorboats at the dock. In only 25 minutes you will be strolling along the soft white sand of this piece of paradise. You can admire its small coral reef and breakwater.

3. Maldonado Point/ Cuajinicuilapa

This idyllic haven is tucked between the borders of Guerrero and Oaxaca States. The ocean at Maldonado Point has something for everyone. Farther out are excellent waves for surfing, and closer to the beach are gentle waves just right for swimming.

One of the things that makes Maldonado Point even more impressive is its stunning sunsets.

4. La Bocana Beach / Marquelia

Stretching along Guerrero’s Costa Chica, this beach is a gem. It is right where freshwater and saltwater come together, creating one of the country’s most striking natural spectacles.

Go on and explore its mile-long stretch. You can enjoy its mangroves and take in the mesmerizing sunsets.

5. Del Calvario Beaches / Petatlán

You can admire these beaches from the road—their intense blue color is breathtaking, as well as the beautiful hills that make this place picture perfect. These little spots are virgin beaches, so you can really get up close and personal with nature.

Its sand is fine and dark. As the beaches face the open ocean, the waves are constant and varied—sometimes they follow a regular rhythm and sometimes they are stronger.