Former Carmelite Monastery

Ex Monasterio de la Orden del Carmen

The nature, its dense forest and total silence, is what drove the Barefoot Carmelite order to build this convent. Here, the friars found the necessary tranquility to receive God.

The architectural complex still retains many of the spaces that existed when it was built. To visit it you must enter through what was once the guest quarters, where spiritual retreats were once carried out. Once inside, you will see the area of the cells, the library, the apothecary, the cloisters, its chapels and gardens. Its underground tunnels deserve a special mention; on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays there is a tour called Leyendas Nocturnas del Desierto de los Leones (Nighttime Legends of Desierto de los Leones) which tells the story of how the Barefoot Carmelites lived.




Ex Convento Desierto de los Leones, Carr. México-Toluca, La Venta, CDMX, Mexico

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