Pedro Infante Museum and Cultural Center

Museo Centro Cultural Nacional Pedro Infante

The idol of Guamúchil has here, in Cuajimalpa, a place where he is remembered: the National Cultural Center and Museum Pedro Infante. 

Memorable images of films that Pedro Infante starred in are only part of what awaits you inside.

Upon entering, many photos of Pedro Infante narrate his trajectory. As you keep walking, around 500 objects that belonged to the singer appear before you. You can even see the military uniform he wore in Los Tres Huastecos, and the dressing gown that defined the character ‘Pepe el Toro’. But the most impressive item is the Cadillac that brought him to Mexico City.

The movies that led him to fame during Mexico’s golden age of cinema can be seen in either of the museum’s two projection halls. Make the most of your visit and participate in the conferences or concerts that take place here. If you find your visit coincides with one, it is well worth taking one of the workshops they offer. 




Museo Pedro Infante, Avenida Juárez, Cuajimalpa, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

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